make innovation happen


Global Impact Consulting collaborates with youth organizations, governments, corporations, incubators, accelerators, and universities to build sustainable future. We are innovatively tackling global challenges in environment, health, energy, civic engagement, government innovation, and education at the local to regional scale.


Discover the solutions to your business' challenges with hackathons and open innovation program.


Utilize design sprint and co-creation to crack your organization transformation's challenges.


Enabling impact acts to make a difference in communities and for our society as a whole.

Spark the innovation​

New insights are where innovations begin. We serve as a catalyst, bringing fresh learning opportunities to your company to help the front-line innovators who are taking initiative. Our innovation program is tailored to meet the needs of your business transformation, starting with the current business challenge and strategic goals.​

Tailor-made toolkit

Although there are many different innovation toolkits out there, each firm has a unique level of innovation maturity. Because our team of learning experience designers is aware of this, we work with our clients to create custom toolkits that are much simpler to share with larger groups of employees and that assist the adoption of an innovation culture throughout your company.

Activity-based Workshop

Our distinctive workshop format enables employees to comprehend how startups operate. In our workshop, we simulate the efficiency and speed of startups for large corporations and government clients. While also assisting small businesses in comprehending the business environment and risk associated with major corporations' decisions. We worked with our organizational partners to develop and implement a curriculum that fosters collaboration and synergy between two dissimilar working cultures.

Our clients